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:!: Some of the tutorials below may only apply to the original leaked copy of Jade. :!:

Replacing/Adding New Fonts

First step is to import your new texture into a folder in the editor, ideally saved as a TGA. Right-click on a folder in the editor browser and select “Import to <foldername>” as seen below.

A pop-up will appear; navigate to your TGA, select it, and then click OK.

Once done, go ahead and open the Textures tool. Drag and drop the folder from the browser that you imported your TGA to into the Textures tool.

Click onto your TGA in the texture browser, you'll notice a panel on the left in the Textures tool with a number of properties available.

Below is a recommendation for what settings to set.

  • Quality: 4
  • Mipmap: false
  • Interface texture: true
  • Has a font descriptor: true

For the “Font descriptor” setting, upon changing the option above it, one will automatically be generated for you, and it will automatically point to that file. If you then right-click on the TGA in the Textures tool you'll notice there's an option available now to “Edit font descriptor”, clicking onto this will display a new window allowing you to set the location and boundary for each character in the font sheet.

If the layout of your font sheet matches that of another, another trick you can do is to point to an already existing font descriptor instead by updating the “Font descriptor” setting of your TGA.

Enabling the Language Selection Menu

By default, the language menu is skipped. This unfortunately has the effect that it's not possible to select a language when running outside the editor, but fortunately rectifying this is very easy.

First, go ahead and open “EngineDatas/04 Technical Bank/AI Models/Global Library/menu_constant.var” and find the following block of code.

#define 	MENU_NOCHEAT						1			// 1 : cheat in menu are desactivated
#define 	MENU_SUBTITLE						0			// 0 : no subtitle, 1 : subtitle displayed
#define 	MENU_LANGAGE						1			// 0 : french, 1 : english
#define 	MENU_SUBTITLELANGAGE			1			// 0 : french, 1 : english
#define  	MENU_FORCENOLANGMENU		1			// pas de menu langage 
#define	MENU_NOMEMCARD					1			// pad de gestion de memcard 

On line 45, or more specifically MENU_FORCENOLANGMENU, you'll want to change it's defined value from 1 to 0. You should end up with the following.

#define  	MENU_FORCENOLANGMENU		0			// pas de menu langage 

Once this is done, save your changes, and you'll then want to Compile All Models via the Model menu.

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