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.WOW (Wonderful World): Level Data file.

.WOL (World List): Contains a modifiable list of WOW files that merge the listed levels when loaded and played from it.

.GAO: Game Object file.

.GRO (Graphic Object): Contains geometry/mesh info.

.GRM (Graphic Material): Contains texture data for Graphic Objects, works in a similar way to materials in 3DS Max, with a lot of additional features only available in Jade.

.MAD (Mad World): Level Data File that can be imported to Jade, or exported from a .WOW, can contain Game Objects (GAO), Graphic Objects (GRO), Material Info (GRM), Character Skin (Rig/Weight) info and its Skeleton if needed.

.PFB (Prefab): Contains selected object info from a level that can then be placed in any other level as long as the original is not removed.

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