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Naming Conventions

"Ubi Hungarian" Notation




Prefix Meaning Notes
Primary types
l long (int)
ul unsigned long
w short
uw unsigned short
c char
uc unsigned char
f float (see x for more common float prefix)
v void
Defined types
st struct
u union
e enum
b boolean 4-byte BOOL or 1-byte ACP_tdxBool
sz string null-terminated
x typedefed primitive most often used for MTH_tdxReal (float)
h handle
bf bit-field
bf[N] uses N bits
Stacking prefixes
p_ pointer
a_ array
a[N]_ fixed length of N elements
aDEF_ fixed length defined by a macro
d_ dynamic array
fn_ function
M_ macro function-like
C_ constant
td typedef
g_ global
s_ static
n count / number of


  • With multiple prefixes, the separating underscore is sometimes omitted (p_fn == pfn)
  • The naming rules weren't always strictly followed. In some rare cases the prefixes do not match the variable/return type.
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